Why Harden the breast: causes

The most sensitive part of a woman's body milk glands. A sense of discomfort, which is often available in this area. More to talk about Value, Why do nipples harden.

For obvious reasons

women breast

Gynecology specialists breast Harden many reasons:

  1. Because long-term stress. As is well known, a chest-oriented with numerous nerve endings. If tense for a long time the young mother, lost her milk. The other woman starts hardening nipples.
  2. Changing hormonal background.
  3. Is a viral disease. Many women, female gender, increased body temperature milk glands may vary.
  4. Strong excitation.
  5. A tactile touch to any shrink and harden the breast.

Gynecologists, the claim the most common cause of such a symptom in the early stage of pregnancy.

Reaction to nipple stimulation

As previously mentioned, there are a few reasons why woman's breast to harden. Consider value more each.

Any body have a different reaction sexual intercourse. Someone who can change diapers milk strong, someone easy arousal. Some representatives of the beautiful sex, and they ever remain in the same state.

Why be excited when Harden breast? Because of this situation intense endorphin production – the hormones of joy. If a man sees that if the partner acquired still rude flabby skin, an object, so you can be sure of one thing - that is doing the right thing.

Emotional factors or disease

The less common reason why breast hardening, stress. It makes such a change of approximately three percent is female. The human body may be sensitive to discomfort and experiences. A hormonal background that leads to this corruption and later to change to change the appearance of menstrual cycle and breast.

Any disease – this is also a great stress to the body. Many young mothers breastfeeding weakens the immune. As the temperature increases, some of the body the recession, the milk, the breast starts hardening in the chest, swelling and blush.

First signs of pregnancy

Nature, including the body of create a new life designed for women. Eggs took the fruit once it starts, it prepares contraindications fetus. Fits many symptoms experienced experts about the future mother and father in an interesting position that will make you faster or modern diagnostic equipment.

Obvious symptom changing the appearance of the breast tissue. Dark they Harden and swell. Usually in this area a visible discomfort and mild pain. As a woman, as it may seem, than even her size was a bust.

Is related to what? At the level of the body naturally prepares for breastfeeding after birth. Accordingly, the extension of ductal breast cancer. 70% will be women, the first three months of pregnancy, 25% the second and third remaining 5 percent in terms of any changes during pregnancy.

A special feature of a person or tactile effect

Many women interest in breast Harden why even a slight touch. In this area the skin is wrinkled and rough. A separate feature in this protective response of the body. Some ladies like this symptom:

  • Because of temperature fluctuations. For example, if a woman, such as ice diving hole, then a hot bath; the cold street light out of the house clothing. Any sudden change leads to changes in the regime for similar.
  • Because of the exercise. Occurs during about 2 percent of women in sport, Nov spasm. Ghosting the situation recovers himself, after 10-15 minutes strenuous exercise program.
  • Almost 70 percent of women with breast Harden and painful due to hormonal changes in the body background. Often this happens just before menstruation or ovulation.

There is a less common feature of the body structure when the compressed chest with hard nipples always. Women throughout this life, and that is definitely not an obstacle for them.

The wrong choice

Often why Harden and the breast painful? It's amazing, but this is a symptom that may be associated with and allergies. For example, a representative material was of poor quality clothes, you put a woman. Some ladies like to wear a bra less is another expression of their dignity to make a body or two I resource. This is a disease that can be displayed.

Experiences to charitable causes


Have already appeared, there are a few reasons why women's breast Harden. Such a phenomenon, an absolute norm, if:

  • The pain is moderate. The same weather during the day is open. No improved over time.
  • No, any additional symptoms.
  • Pain present, three days at the most.
  • No swelling.
  • No redness.

The absolute norm of such a pregnancy symptom, ovulation, and breastfeeding before period. In all the above cases, professional help is required. You can remove the malaise, a slight, gentle movements to this area with formatirovat taking a warm shower.

I need your expert help

Sometimes the breast may be the primary symptom of erectile a serious illness. Necessary assistance for an expert when you see the following symptoms:

  1. A malaise has been continuously improved. Then this expression, acute, barely tolerable pain.
  2. When you are prompted for additional characteristics: warmth, redness, erosion, swelling.
  3. Pain in other parts of the body at the same time.
  4. If there is any nipple discharge. Exception breastfeeding or pregnancy.
  5. Detection, tightness in the chest.

The above symptoms of breast visible at the same time if the setup value alert. They can be a precursor of mastitis a serious disease as cancer ago. What you want to do is this:

  • Come to a desk, a therapist or a gynecologist, mammologist.
  • To pass an array of standard tests: urine, stool, blood test.
  • Do ultrasonography (ULTRASOUND).
  • To pass a mammography.
  • If necessary, an optional determination of the biopsy found cancer cells.

A number of studies in the early stages of a serious disease and eliminate risk.

What about the men?

The question is, why her nipples harden to a large extent, that excites a woman. This, he says, it's not men in the face of such events. I have a similar symptom can occur in the following situations:

  • A strong emotion.
  • Drunk.
  • Quite frequently, these young people during adolescence.

A similar mark, both women may be a precursor of serious illness.


As there are a large amount of harmless and a serious reason why harden nipples. Listen to your body. The on-site events of pain you can watch the character. There are additional symptoms of the subject status analysis. All this time allowed to determine whether such a norm or symptom treatment specialist.